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Links update

Just got an email from carwow with a link to their interactive Electric Car charging point finder tool to help EV and hybrid car owners find the nearest electric vehicle charging stations.

You can view the live interactive tool here: there will also be a link to it on the links page.

Road Closures

You can't have missed the Road closures and delays for Gigaclear with little or no notice, we found out when we came home and found first the road closed and then when they let us through, a trench in front of our drive. On Facebook someone gave a warning "From 4th November 2020 to 17th June 2021 the following roads will be subject to rolling temporary road closures and restrictions for the Fastershire broadband installation." Not a lot of use when they were here Oct 7th?

Well the end of this month begining of next(27th Oct- 2nd Nov) it all starts again. This time we did get a letter to say our roads will be closing from 07:00-19:00 no cars will be permitted to drive down these roads as during this time they are no longer classed as roads but a Construction site. We have asked if can't close sections of the roads but they have more or less said no! Hopefully when they close Wisloe Road and Dursley Road they will allow some access but when asked this was their response:

Thank you for contacting GCC Highways in relation to the resurfacing works on Wisloe Road, Dursley Road, Slimbridge.
If you park off the road on driveway, then your parking will not be affected this scheme is over half term mainly.
When the contractor is working at the other side of site Dursley Road/ Poplar Park end then access will maintained on Wisloe, always allow extra time for travelling as the gatemen on site will allow access as and when safe to do so.
If you park on the road then unfortunately you will need to find alternate parking the council is not required to provide alternate parking.
Resurfacing in sections (phased working), unfortunately due to the nature of this road, is not a viable option. It is worth noting that when we have a scheme to resurface a road that road ceases to be a highway and is effectively a construction site. There are a number of reasons as to why we won't be delivering the resurfacing works in phases or in sections. Safety is the primary factor, in order to maximise the safety of our operatives and members of the public it is necessary to close the whole road, there is then no confusion as to if access is possible for certain sections at different times. By closing the road and giving the resurfacing crew access to the whole road with one set of traffic management we maximise the value to the council tax payers. Any restriction and condition on how the resurfacing crew delivers the resurfacing work significantly increases the cost of the scheme. By allowing the resurfacing crew to have full access to the road it maximises efficiency in terms of them carrying out the planing off and resurfacing, this means that we will be on site for fewer days overall. Phasing the work would increase the cost and duration of the work inordinately. Due to the size of the kit involved in carrying out the resurfacing works, working on one lane at a time with the use of traffic lights is also not an option.
All vehicles will need to be off of the road during the resurfacing date sand times. All vehicles that remain parked on the closed toad(probably meant Road not Toad) will be towed by our contactor.

If you want to contact them about it. click here. (

So if you want to use your car be sure to park it out of the area by 07:00!

Slimbridge, Cambridge and Gossington Village Forum on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user there is a Slimbridge, Cambridge and Gossington Village Forum it's worth joining.

Slimbridge Parish Covid-19 Volunteers list

If you need something this is a list of people willing to get stuff for you.They can't come in your home, only get things from shops etc. This service is for members of our community who are currently in selfisolation due to Covid-19.

Slimbridge Parish Covid-19 volunteer policy

Resident Guidelines

Some guidelines that those arranging the support should make sure the residents receiving help know. These should be read out to the resident.

1. A volunteer through the Parish Council will be a member of the community. The list of volunteers is available through the Parish Clerk.

2. Their role is to help you with errands that you cannot do now that you are selfisolating such as collecting prescriptions, shopping, posting letters, collecting parcels and other similar activities.

3. They are not here to help with housework/gardening, so please do not ask them.

4. Please do not invite them into your home. It's important to keep both you and the volunteer safe.

5. We will need a letter of consent in order to collect a prescription.

6. They are not medical experts so please do not ask for medical advice, please contact your GP or NHS 111 if you are concerned.

7. They will agree a small amount with you such as 20 for a food shop but will NEVER ask you for personal bank details or PIN numbers. They will take the payment, collect the shopping and return with a receipt and any change. If you need more food, they can return at another time to carry out another small shop up to an agreed amount.

8. If you have any problems or are in any doubt about who the volunteer is, please call the Parish Office for support. Alert

If you receive an email from it's actually from the Ernest Cook Trust proving they cannot be trusted! Why call theirselves this I guess they think they are very clever and we will believe the Wisloe Communities is behind anything they tell us!

Check out COVID-19 Gobal Cases by Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

Symtoms of Coronavirus Covid-19

A cough
A high temperature
Shortness of breath

But these symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness.

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu.

What should do if you think you have Coronavirus

You only need to stay away from public places (self-isolate) if advised to by the 111 online coronavirus service ( or a medical professional.

Don't go to your Doctor or the Hospital, try or ring 111, remember 111 may be busy.

For further details goto

Coronavirus Covid-19 Facts

This info was taken from

This should not frighten anyone it is just here to inform.

COVID-19 Fatality Rate by AGE:
*Death Rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = probability of dying if infected by the virus(%). This probability differs depending on the age group. The percentages shown below do not have to add up to 100%, as they do NOT represent share of deaths by age group. Rather, it represents, for a person in a given age group, the risk of dying if infected with COVID-19.
      AGE              DEATH RATE          DEATH RATE
                           confirmed cases                all cases
80+ years old                21.9%                         14.8%
70-79 years old                                                  8.0%
60-69 years old                                                  3.6%
50-59 years old                                                  1.3%
40-49 years old                                                  0.4%
30-39 years old                                                  0.2%
20-29 years old                                                  0.2%
10-19 years old                                                  0.2%
  0-9 years old                                                  no fatalities

*Death Rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = probability of dying if infected by the virus(%). The percentages do not have to add up to 100%, as they do NOT represent share of deaths by age group.
In general, relatively few cases are seen among children.

COVID-19 Fatality Rate by COMORBIDITY:
*Death Rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = probability of dying if infected by the virus(%). This probability differs depending on pre-existing condition. The percentage shown below does NOT represent in any way the share of deaths by pre-existing condition. Rather, it represents, for a patient with a given pre-existing condition, the risk of dying if infected by COVID-19.

                                                        confirmed cases                 all cases
Cardiovascular disease                            13.2%                          10.5%
Diabetes                                                     9.2%                           7.3%
Chronic respiratory disease                       8.0%                           6.3%
Hypertension                                             8.4%                           6.0%
Cancer                                                       7.6%                           5.6%
no pre-existing conditions                                                            0.9%

*Death Rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = probability of dying if infected by the virus(%). The percentages shown below do not have to add up to 100%, as they do NOT represent share of deaths by condition.

If you look at the 2017 population of Stroud
Life expectancy women 83.6 yrs / men 80 yrs

What will living in Wisloe Garden Village be Like?

For most people it will be like any city, look out and all you'll see is other houses, for some you will see the Motorway or A38, A few will look out on to the Industrial units which will mainly open 07:00 - 18:00 but no guarantees as one of the existing Companies at Wisloe Road Business Park advertises 24/7, 365 days of the year, people do go in 06-07:00 7 days a week and alarms do go off to let you know. And at night their flood/security lights will be on all night. Obviously at the moment there is only a small 0.4-0.5 hectare but the plan is for 5 more hectares of industry(if correct that's 10-13 times more) so who knows what that will bring with it. Others will live near the railway line with all that it brings noise, vibration but some of those will have a view of the M5 and hills in the distance. A lot of homes will be washed in the light from the football clubs floodlights a few times a week at certain times of the year as well as the noise of booing, cheering, shouting, swearing and occasional drumming or trumpeting which can go on till 9 or so at night. Then comes the cars and vans leaving to go home, remembering the first match under floodlights there attracted over 425 people! And these fan will park anywhere they can. Lucky people will see some trees but this will be a lucky few. Since the announcement of a High Pressure Gas Pipeline that goes through the site, there should be lots of green space as they won't be allowed to build within 6m of it. As to whether or not people will want to live next to the High Pressure Gas Pipeline or let their kids play above it, remains to be seen. With busy Roads and thousands of Cars whizzing about will anyone let the kids out?

When you wake up it will be to noise and pollution, the business Park will start up at 06:00 and customers will start arriving 07:-07:30, Rocket rentals will open to the public at 07:30. The roundabout starts to get busy around 07:00 but you have to remember this is now, the hundreds of new houses in the area are not yet in use or the 1500 at Wisloe, so expect more, a hell of a lot more. This will mean bigger queues at the roundabout and depending on the layout of Wisloe, the housing estates will possibly become rat runs to avoid the jams.

Leaving for work will be fun, maybe they will have traffic lights as it's already difficult to get across the roads at the moment, but if there are traffic lights that will be more traffic jammed. Thinking of using the Train? Don't it's already at it's limit, plus you can't park at the station and if you want to walk you'll have to take your life in your hands and if raining you'll be soaked before you get on any train. Buses, good luck although the plan does say there will be a good integrated system so it might be OK. If you drive work you'll probably be using the M5, prepare to queue, we do now. And if you use the A38 and and don't use the M5 prepare to queue or take your chances driving on the wrong side of the A38, passing cars and bollards as some people do on a morning.

Taking Children to school, you'll be crossing the now very busy roads or using the car, if you use the car good luck there is little enough parking spaces near the school, parents already park in Wisloe road and cross the road! Oh and the School is practically at it's limit so you might have to go further afield.

The amount of noise and pollution this is all going to cause is anybodies guess but the developers don't care, you'll just have to put up with it. What did it say in the survey doors and windows (including trickle vents) will have to remain closed to reduce noise levels indoors to a reasonable level, and that assumes these are houses built with a good soundproofing as standard.

Hopefully they will build new superstores in the area as the local Tesco is struggling already and that's without all the other new builds finished yet, so you'll probably be driving to Gloucester or Stroud.

Coming home from work you can expect to be queuing on the M5 to get off, this can be scary. The 10 minutes from J14 to Wisloe can take 30-40mins.

Whatever time of day if the M5 is shut then the 10 minutes drive up the A38 is 2hr plus.

No one has said what industry is going to be at Wisloe, heavy Engineering, Offices no one has any idea or if they give good cheap rates to get existing companies to move to Wisloe but then there may be no new jobs?

Wisloe is near nothing, for work or entertainment you'll need to travel and the only safe way is by car. I'm sure we could say more if we had the slightest idea what the developers had planned but so far there has been 2-3 plans that all vanished and none have had any real detail and the ones that have been there have been wrong. The latest at the top of this page shows no housing or industry!


We found the Ernest Cook Trust Plan Images(see below) for this on the SDC site some while ago but no documentation, I wrote to SDC and they sent this link Click Here to see the full document. Or go to the Keep Wisloe Green Page to find out more. Or visit our new Facebook page Wisloe Garden Village Plan, why it is WRONG

Wisloe Green and Stroud Local Plan 30:01:2020

This is the SPC Page with links to SDC's Local Plan Review, SPC's Response and WAG's Response.

Wisloe Planning Objections and Surveys 23:01:2020

Should be in now, they stopped accepting them midnight of the 22nd, acknowledgement emails from the SDC have been slow the one I put in on the 15th got acknowledged on the 22nd? So It's going to be a bit of a guessing game as to whether you got it in in time or at all! Any where else acknowledges receipt of an email within minutes, if not seconds, but this is SDC.

SPC Planning Meeting/Wisloe Action Group Meeting

Village Hall, Monday 20th

SPC meeting 7:30 at the Village Hall. Please do attend to support WAG. The agenda includes Wisloe along with the neighbourhood plan. WAG will have a quick meeting afterwards

Update - Just in

Ernest Cook Trust PLAN for Wisloe

I just found Ernest Cook Trust's Draft Plan (dated October 2019 although anything like this was denied at the drop in day!) for Wisloe. So it's back to a landscape feature and apparently a access road on the inside of the M5 bridge ramp, even more accidents then.And zero integration of the existing Residents with the new? Also the South west corner is isolated and it looks like they have the church land covered in trees?

Click here to see full Document

Wisloe Action Group Formed

After the resent Parish Council Meeting and SDC Planing Review an Action Group was formed to try and stop the latest Ernest Cook Trust/GCC plan for the Parish. There will be a meeting Monday 23rd Dec 7:00pm at the Village Hall. Tell EVERYONE!

Dec 16-17th - Wisloe Green Development

Stroud District Council will be holding a drop in event at Slimbridge Village Hall on Monday 16th December from 2 - 6.30pm and then the following morning Tuesday 17th December from 9.30am - 1. Please do go along to see and give your views as there is significant changes for the parish being proposed with "Wisloe Green" development. Slimbridge Parish Council will also be holding a public planning meeting on the Monday 16th December in the village hall from 7pm where the Local Plan will be discussed and you can leave your comments for consideration for the Parish Council's final response.

The Plan and supporting and background papers are available to view and download at

Sept 18th - Wisloe Green Development

We are all invited to a Workshop at the British Legion Club next Tuesday the 24th Sept to discuss the Wisloe Green plan. follow the link to see more

April 1st - Wisloe Green Development Update from SDC

No Joke, I wrote to Stroud council asking why nothing had been published about the Wisloe Green Development by the end of March, here is their reply;

Dear Mr *******,

Due to the large volume of responses received by email, the processing time has taken longer than expected and we have therefore delayed the publication of the responses and initial report of findings until the end of April.


***** ******

Senior Planning Strategy Officer

Stroud District Council

So it looks like another wait until the next one

Interesting thing heard on the BBCs "The Empty Housing Scandal Episode 1", across Gloucestershire and West Oxford 1300 households are classified as in need of housing, at the same time 1200 uninhabited properties also exist!

2nd Feb Warning

BEWARE BT scam, we've had 4 calls in the last few days from various Indian people saying they are from BT and our IP address has been compromised and if we don't know how to fix it ourself they will be happy to talk us through it. If you say this is a scam, one argued for a while but the rest put the phone down straight away. All of these have come up as 02 numbers but different ones each time, 02615553272, 02425679442, 02735611041 and 02900835183 so far. If this happens don't do what they tell you to. Later either phone or go on the BT scam page and report them. Please tell people you know about this.

24th Jan email from Stroud Council

Dear Sir/ Madam

Stroud District Local Plan Review: Emerging Strategy Consultation 2019

Thank you for your response to the above consultation.

We are currently processing all the responses received. We will publish responses and an initial report summarising the responses on the Council's website during March 2019.

Our published programme is to prepare a draft Local Plan for further public consultation in the autumn 2019. In order to meet this timetable we will be taking into account views expressed and information provided during the consultation process, commissioning and publishing various technical studies and working further with stakeholders during 2019. Please refer to our web page for the latest information on the Local Plan Review process and to access published technical studies

Your privacy is important to Stroud District Council. In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we must receive consent to contact you further. If you would like to be kept informed of the Local Plan Review and the publications of planning policy documents please enter your contact details on our consultation database If you have already submitted your details through the above link since May 2018 then you do not need to submit them again. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the Planning Strategy Team.

Should you have any queries on the Local Plan Review, please contact the Planning Strategy Team on 01453 754143 or by email at

Yours faithfully,

Planning Strategy Team
Stroud District Council

Objections of Slimbridge Parish Council with regards to the Local Plan Review Consultation

Click Here to read their letter. They reject the Wisoe Green Proposal(PS37) and SLI001 but may concider the SLI003 Proposal. See map below:



Wisloe Green Countdown

Hopefully everyone has sent in their objection to the Wisloe Green Proposed plan. Last day is 18:01:2019 these can not be objections to the proposed development itself but to putting a development here i.e Wisloe Green goes against a wide range of planning policies and should be removed in its current form. It would coalesce all Slimbridge communities and potentially join Dursley and Cam with the Severn Vale (against all planning principles). It is sandwiched between the M5, main Gloucester to Bristol railway and the A38. etc. etc.

They must be in to the Stroud Council by January 18th
Responses and Queries to;


postal address        Local Plan Review
                              The Planning Strategy Team
                              Stroud District Council
                              Ebley Mill
                              Stroud GL5 4UB

Wisloe green

So much for unbiased

I hoped this would be an unbiased procedure but I get the feeling Stroud Council are in favour when you visit their website and look at the document heading


"Preferred" and "I Love" don't sound unbiased to me. Perhaps in future "final draft strategy pdf compressed" would be enough!

Too much to say about Wisloe Green so it now has it's own page. Click Here.
Make sure you read and contact the Council if you want to object.

UPATE Sunday 16th Dec

Some one just sent us a link!!

If you recieved this through your door please let us know. .

It looks great except it fails to mention either way you get to it will be passed a trading estate. Apparently something will be done about the noise and polution from the very close M5.

  Looking at the plans it's a joke
The 6 houses on Dursley Road, by the Motorway seem to be cut off totally.
No 5 and 6 Wisloe Road, appear to be in the middle of the Community facilies? 1-4 seem to be in a no mans land between the Park and the housing estate.
Looking at the overal plan it's Barton Field all over again. Where is the parking, since people first moved into Barton Fields they have been parking over the pavement and it looks like there is even less room here.
Again like at Barton Field, the Park at the heart of the settlement will be right next to a 50 MPH road (10 MPH lower than Barton Field so that's a plus) not an accident waiting to happen. Really a Prominent central landscape landmark feature between the A4135 and the M5.
It appears the new school and West side of Wisloe Village will be joining the A4135 on a blind bend not lease because of the green Corridor to cut down noise. As the parents from the present school across the A38 are now starting to park in Wisloe Road, where are all these new parents going to be parking. Will they be blocking the A4135 and A38 as well as St John's Road?
Having been told by someone that this document exists it seems the very least Stroud Council could have done was sent it to Residence that it will affect, probably only 15 houses, some of which will not see or have access to to this as they do not have internet connections! Thanks Stroud Council. This will keep builders, Developers and the Council accountants happy but not the existing residence and probably not the new residence. Why call it after the community they are destroying.

If you go on the Ernest Cook Trust website, there is zero about it. Obviously they're proud of their new money making scheme.

Wisloe Green Village

We went to the Council Planing Meeting, Monday Evening 3rd Dec, at the Village Hall, you can read what happened in the Parish Minutes. The advice seems to be get your arguements in to the Council, the arguements that will have most leverage will be planing objections such as it's grade 2 agricultural land, water table etc. and not just we don't want it!
I guess we have to send our objections to "" I will check and update this if it is incorrect.
Update: I contacted the Secertary over a week ago (04/12/18), about who we write to, Still no reply (15/12/18).

- and tell us what you think.


Wisloe Green Village

The latest on Wisloe Green Village, Slimbridge - Large proposed development - Stroud District Council Local Plan Review Stroud District Council are reviewing their Local Plan and this comes with an increase in houses that is required by the government. There is a large proposal for a Garden Village of at least 1500 houses for the parish of Slimbridge. It is going to be called Wisloe Green and is located off Wisloe road, Cambridge. Stroud District Council are holding an open event on Monday 3rd December at Slimbridge village hall from 2.30 - 6.30pm. The Parish Council will then be holding a public meeting that same evening starting at 7.30 to gather views to begin putting a response together. The consultation started on November 16th and runs until January 18th. The document can be found on Stroud DC website and also below with the main information on pages 82 and 83. The proposed development will have a significant impact on the parish so your views are important.

Local Plan review poster
Local Plan Review document - Page 86 on the PDF viewer(p83 in the Document).

Wisloe Garden Village

Well what can I say, I live in Wisloe road, I finally found a link to the document through a facebook Click here to see the full Document you'll be interested in pages 79 to 81 although in the .pdf file these are 105, 106 and 107.

"at least 1500 dwellings by 2040, 5 ha employment, retail, community and open space".
It only appears to affect 13 home but a possible 1840+ people (assuming only half(750) dwellings are built in Cambridge, i.e. north of the M5) would have a huge influence on the future of Slimbridge Parish as the Parish according to the 2011 census only had 463 dwellings and only 1136 population.

It will be interesting to see what happens, how long has Barton Field been there and the speed limit is still 60mph! not to mention the un fenced kiddies playing field that open straight on to the road, and the pond in the middle of the play area! I guess it will come down to how much in rates the council can get so it may be a given. And as usual they will worry about sortting out the infastructure afterward when every one is trapped in their new prisons dwellings.

Hopefull there will be mains drainage and yet another increase to Severn Trent's main sewer pipe although they will have to take a few years to model that.

Ever lose your Electricity? So have we so we phoned our Electricity Supplier (on an old phone as there was no power) but when we got through it said press 1,2,3, or # key, great but it wouldn't accept any we pressed. Found another, non powered, phone and same results. Went on the internet on my mobile and found the number for Western Power Distribution, who said Coaley and Slimbridge were down but would be back within an hour. Thank goodness for channel 4+1, I still managed to see the Grand Prix.

Here is a number to write down and put with an old cabled, but not powered, phone Western Power Distribution - 0800 6783 105 for Emergencies(Power Cuts) and 0800 096 3080 for General enquiries.

Don't forget if you need Electricity for health reasons, register with the "Priority Services Register"
Benefits of being on the register
Sometimes power cuts can happen for reasons beyond their control they know this can be particularly worrying if you rely on electricity for medical equipment or if you are elderly, very ill or disabled.
If you join the FREE Priority Service Register they can:
They give you a direct number to call in the event of a power cut so you can get straight through to them;
Agree a password with you before they visit, so you feel safe;
Provide special help, if needed, through the British Red Cross;
Inform you about planned interruptions to your electricity supply;
Keep you as informed as possible in the event of an unplanned power cut.

Check out the crime figure for your area by clicking here. Just put in your post code.

- tell us if you have and thoughts.

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