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A4135 Road Work March 2, 3 and 4th of March

2nd and 3rd of March there will be 2 way traffic lights at Draycott Railway Bridge.

On 4th March the Road will be closed there from 19:00 - 07:00


Protest at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb took place

There were quite a few turned up to brave the wind and rain, luckily there was a break. A Reporter was there and got lots of photos so keep your eyes open it should be in the Gazette.



Wisloe Social have informed me that:

Wisloe consultation event - Postponed until Friday 18 March due to severe weather warning

As you may be aware, the Met Office has issued a rare Red Weather Warning for extremely strong winds affecting parts of Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire's Local Resilience Forum has also declared a major incident due to the risks posed by Storm Eunice.

Given the above, for everyone's safety we have reluctantly decided to postpone tomorrow's Wisloe consultation event, in order to avoid putting those attending at any unnecessary risk.



Part 7 - If you go to the Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

You might ask if this is such a good proposal why hasn't any Developers got on board?

Why did 87% of the survey responders vote against it.

Why is the Gloucestershire County Council wasting our money on this monthly meeting before the Inspector makes a decision if Wisloe is included?

If you are against this proposal make sure they make a note of it and don't just put you down as turned up so must be in favour.


Wisloe Social have informed me that:

The information that is going to be displayed tomorrow is from the latest masterplan that was published in August 2021.

There will be representatives from The Ernest Cook Trust, Gloucestershire County Council and the project team attending tomorrow.


Part 6 - If you go to the Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

You might ask who you are talking to and who they work for? At the last drop-in they held no one was Identified and as far as I know none were actually from the Ernest Cook Trust or Gloucestershire County Council. Many didn't know the area or even how to say Cambridge or that there was a river Cam! I'm sure they will be better prepare than last time. And perhaps this time they won't use photos of parishioners without their permission.

They will tell you, whether you like it or not, this development will happen. This is not true.

They will tell you what you want to hear.

There will be a new footbridge over the M5, if that doesn't satisfy you they can get a grant to move the station to the other side of the A4135!

Too much traffic at the round about, they'll put in 5 new roads to reduce the flow on any one road. These become rat runs they will block them off.

They have answers for everything it's only when compare answers after that you find out "they have no answers".


Part 5 - If you go to the Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

You might ask about the SDC's Delivery Policy ES9 Equestrian development. It says "Any proposal for the conversion or change of use of existing equestrian establishments to a non-equestrian use will be discouraged, unless there is a strong case setting out why an exception should be made."

Why should an exception be made? Other than the huge windfall in Council Tax for GCC and Service Charges ECT will be taking in.


Part 4 - If you go to the Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

You might ask about the "green and blue infrastructure principles" they are going to use,
Read it here.

It is a great principle for cleaning up Urban areas. So why mention it here unless it's going to be so bad they have to liken it to a cleaned up urban area instead of the countryside it was. In their own surveys ECT/GCC said:

Water Quality and Efficient Land use came out as Significantly Negative!

Air Quality was said to be Significantly Negative and minor Positive effects?

Chances of flooding was said to be Minor for Wisloe probably as it will be flooding somewhere else instead.(Cambridge and Slimbridge are down stream of the waterways and already flood without this.

They have shown images of their ponds that will in theory soak up the rain water, according to them. These will have to be much bigger and will be dry in the summer if they are to stand any chance of working.

Remember with the exception of a few surveys this whole plan is based on "Desktop Studies" not someone actually coming here to see the lay of the land. Their Designer at the Legion open day admitted she'd never seen Wisloe but might have passed it in the taxi from the station.


Part 3 - If you go to the Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

You might ask about traffic problems, in 2020 11394 vehicles used the Cambridge A38 per day, 6808 on the A4135 and only 273 drove though Wisloe. Numbers have reduced due to covid over the last 2 years but put 1500 - 3000+ people driving to work, school, shopping and it's a large percentage increase if you use the 1500 number and say they use they A38 once a day that's a 13% increase and if they come back home that's an increase of 26% per day. How many cars in your household? They have an answer if you have nowhere to park you won't or can't have a car.

According to Ernest Cook Trust/ Gloucestershire County Councils own Report

"While the policy includes a requirement reference to car parking provision, the emphasis is on keeping the level provided as low as possible and developers must justify the level of parking provided and demonstrate that it will not have a detrimental impact on the road network.

The policy states that parking provision should be used as a policy lever to discourage car trips. However, there is a possibility that residents will have inadequate access to services and facilities during the early stages of development, which may result in a need to travel further afield using private car trips, resulting in decreased air quality in the short term.

Furthermore, providing employment at these locations could result in some in commuting by private car given the high level of accessibility to the strategic road network. While the good level of access to the strategic road network from these locations may result in increased potential for journeys to be made by car and associated levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, these locations are likely to be attractive to potential investors.


Part 2 - If you go to the Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

You might like to ask ECT and GCC why their initial Land Survey stated the land was grade 3b and yet all others say "Grade 2" top quality agricultural land and will they be seeking a refund as we the Council Tax payers paid 50% for it and was this fraud or incompetence? Perhaps there should be some sort of public report of what happened as it was paid for with public money.

ECT and GCC are not "Joint Owners" of the land they do own 92% so by their own admission so that means 8% is owned by others, in many cases others that, unlike them, live here and don't want over 1500 houses put on the surounding Grade 2 Land.

IF the first 150 house are built, why would they be put in at least a year before the Noise bunds? Will 150 new home owner be happy to live so close to the High Pressure Gas Pipeline whilst they reroute it? Those 150 homes will need cars as the Bridge isn't planned for another 2 years. And they won't even be planning a possible school for 5 years.

Why will people move here and work here when the employment part is only subject to demand and more importantly FUNDING, as is the school.


Part 1 - Face to Face at Slimbridge AFC, Wisloe Rd on Friday 18th of Feb 2pm-7pm

ECT and GCC have said they have invited us all along to see their displays and talk about the future of Wisloe.

I think the first thing to say here is unless the Inspector agrees their plan then they have Nothing to Talk About!

If they were interested in our opinions then why didn't they use the results from the past 2 SDC Surveys of which the last showed Stroud was 86% against the Wisloe Development. And of people who were for it 89% were people who Voted to keep Sharpness out so probably Sharpness residents who thought it was a good idea to throw us under the bus instead. It shows the way SDC is putting Neighbourhood against Neighbourhood in an effort to avoid us banding to together.


Have you seen the "RE: Stroud District Council Local Plan Submission" Email

I did and followed the link to find out what had been submitted


Then EB96a       PS37 Agricultural Land Classification

Which takes us to

Then EB96 Documents relating to PS37 new settlement at Wisloe, its final destination is the incorrect at best or fraudulent at worst, it's the original ALC which said the Land was Grade 3b, which even ECT and GCC admit is not right! Why is this the goto ALC? Two more Agri. Land Surveys have been done since and both found the land is GRADE 2 !

Yet again to find anything relating to one site seems to lead you all over the place as if to stop people looking!


Our responses have been put on the SDC site

I put a link on Facebook but no one seems interested? September 2021 Stroud District Local Plan: Regulation 19 Representations

These are the redacted responses from the public, not sure what redated means in this case as they are all done by name? I guess this time our phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses are not included.

Redacted database Just like the last one this is big and difficult to navigate as it's not just for one plan but all the stroud ones. On the plus side only 29 people were in favour of the Wisloe site being included and 183 against so of interested parties who responded 86% were against, if that means anything to SDC. Strangely some of those in favour, No 573 then go on to say "I do not support the building of large numbers of houses at Wisloe". And No 702 says "I'm not sure support is the right word for what I feel". Of the 29 in support of including Wisloe, 13 had no reason why to include it! Most thought it was good because it's close to the railway and Cam Doctors. One because apparently because Sports England supports it!

It also seems most of people (26 out of 29) who support Wisloe's inclusion also objected to Sharpness, thanks the people of Sharpness! I only found 2 (out of 183) that objected to Wisloe and supported Sharpness. I shows the way this is set out to put neighbourhood against neighbourhood and with some people it worked.

Letters and Emails

On-Line attachments


Changes at the Petrol Pumps

You may not have noticed but more and more petrol pumps have E10 labels instead of the E5 ones. Is this a problem possibly not, first it could be they are ahead of the game with their labeling and the fuel is still E5, it's not supposed to be out until September. Secondly if you have a newer car it should be OK. So who will it effect, possibly many, E10 petrol is a solvent and can eat fuel pipes, O rings, gaskets, seals and even some plastics and metals. So if you have a petrol lawn mower, chain saw or whatever, what can you do. Don't leave any fuel in it when you put it away E10 will absorb water at a higher rate than E5. Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced from the fermentation of a range of plants, including sugarcane and grains, along with their by-products.

Unlike regular unleaded petrol, ethanol fuel is said to be partially atmospherically carbon-neutral. This is because as the plants that will become biofuel grow, they reportedly absorb more carbon dioxide than what will be released into the air during fuel production and combustion. Ethanol causes corrosion to fuel components and attracts water. It can block your capillaries in your carburettor causing all sorts of engine issues. It's corrosive properties can erode your engine away.

Super unleaded will still be available where you can find it, and this only contains up to 5% ethanol.

The AA says only 2% of cars can't use E10 mostly pre 2002 model but some Pre 2007. It's supposed to be greener but E10 doesn't have the same energy as E5 so you'll have to burn more fuel to get the same distance also instead of growing food crops, land will have to be set aside to grow crops to create the ethanol to add to the fuel.

Click here to check your car - although it was a bit ambiguous for my car.

Companies like Briggs and Stratton produce an additive/stabiliser that keep fuel fresh longer and stops the corrosive effects of ethanol. You can add a 10ml to every 1lt of fuel.


Responses on Stroud District plan is now Closed

Hopefully everyone got their responses in, in time. Now that's over there are no reasons for ECT/GCC to keep their Spring Masterplan a secret anymore so I guess it will be published very soon. It's now a month since they said "The masterplan will be published shortly. This is later than we had hoped but it's taken longer than expected to prepare the masterplan" (See Below). If you check their website you will find they say they have done this and are in consultation on it and have been since Spring, would it be easy to remove the tick that says they done this Yes, will they No. Watch this space.


Gloucestershire County Council's Spend so far on Wisloe Green

Well I guess we pay for that in our Council Tax. As of March 11th they say "Although we haven't reconciled this years figures yet, we thought it helpful and in the interests of transparency, to provide an estimated figure rather than decline to answer this part of the FOI. Initial review suggests that expenditure to the end of the financial year 20/21 is likely to be approximately 73,500. For the avoidance of doubt this includes the declared figure of 47,632.15 from 23/10/2019"

How much did they spend on the Leaflets we got in February, 2,680

Obviously this is only half the total spend as the Ernest Cook Trust has to pay in their 50% and who knows what else they've spent?

I have asked when GCC and ECT will put the map right but neither have got back to me on that!


Road Closures

You can't have missed the Road closures and delays for Gigaclear with little or no notice, we found out when we came home and found first the road closed and then when they let us through, a trench in front of our drive. On Facebook someone gave a warning "From 4th November 2020 to 17th June 2021 the following roads will be subject to rolling temporary road closures and restrictions for the Fastershire broadband installation." Not a lot of use when they were here Oct 7th?

If you want to contact them about it. click here. (

Roadworks - Road Works


Slimbridge, Cambridge and Gossington Village Forum on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user there is a Slimbridge, Cambridge and Gossington Village Forum it's worth joining. Alert

If you receive an email from it's actually from the Ernest Cook Trust proving they cannot be trusted! Why do they call theirselves this I guess they think they are very clever and we will believe the Wisloe Communities is behind anything they tell us! The Wisloe Community is nothing to do with have asked them to stop using the name, they won't.


Ever lose your Electricity?

So have we so we phoned our Electricity Supplier (on an old phone as there was no power) but when we got through it said press 1,2,3, or # key, great but it wouldn't accept any we pressed. Found another, non powered, phone and same results. Went on the internet on my mobile and found the number for Western Power Distribution, who said Coaley and Slimbridge were down but would be back within an hour. Thank goodness for channel 4+1, I still managed to see the Grand Prix.

Here is a number to write down and put with an old cabled, but not powered, phone Western Power Distribution - 0800 6783 105 for Emergencies(Power Cuts) and 0800 096 3080 for General enquiries.

Don't forget if you need Electricity for health reasons, register with the "Priority Services Register"
Benefits of being on the register
Sometimes power cuts can happen for reasons beyond their control they know this can be particularly worrying if you rely on electricity for medical equipment or if you are elderly, very ill or disabled.
If you join the FREE Priority Service Register they can:
They give you a direct number to call in the event of a power cut so you can get straight through to them;
Agree a password with you before they visit, so you feel safe;
Provide special help, if needed, through the British Red Cross;
Inform you about planned interruptions to your electricity supply;
Keep you as informed as possible in the event of an unplanned power cut.


Check out the crime figure for your area by clicking here. Just put in your post code.


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